Things You Should Not Do When Selling Your Old House

Sellers of old houses and properties usually encounter the problem of listing for too long and not getting an interested buyer. This is reasonable as most buyers will not want to consider an old house, especially when they have a long list of other options that they can readily consider. This lack of sales usually causes many sellers to make some wrong decisions. Some end up spending a lot on the house to bring it back to shape. However, in most cases, the house remains unattractive because they are doing the wrong thing. Below are listed some things that you should not do when listing your old house. 

Do not neglect the exterior.

Many sellers think the most important part of the house is the interior, and once the inside part is in good shape, then the house is perfect. This is not true as the potential buyer or agent gets to see the exterior design before even entering the house. The buyers will build their first impression from what they can readily see, and this is why you need to keep your house in good shape before even listing. Trim the trees, hose down the walkways, clean the dirty surfaces, lay a fresh mulch and add some beautiful touches to the exterior. Doing all these will change your buyers’ idea, and you will most likely get attract more buyers within a short period.

Do not overprice

Overpricing your home is good as it will earn you much. But you can only overprice and get away with it if you have a new or good-looking home. The old house you intend to sell might appear beautiful to you, but this house is old and might not value much to your buyers. This is the reason you should not put a massive price on the house you intend to sell. This will only cause the house to remain in the market for too long without attracting a buyer. The longer the house goes without a buyer, the more potential buyers begin to think there is something wrong with the house and then neglect it. 

Do not upload bad photos.

In a bid to reduce spending, sellers of old houses tend to neglect the most important thing – pictures. This is an age where digitalization is important, and most people now shop online. This kind of pictures you upload while listing your property will go a long way in telling people about your house. This is why you need to hire a good photographer who will take clear and good shots. The buyers you want might just get attracted by the pictures you upload and contact you immediately.

Do not hide the home problems.

One of the things most buyers hate is dishonesty, which has caused deals to be broken down on several occasions. If you are not willing to make the necessary repairs, you should inform the buyers about the home damage. This might not get you several buyers, but it will also not waste your time and that of the buyers.

All things are important steps, and if approached rightly, can seal that sale for you in no time.


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