Selling A Home That Is Not Up To Code

Different locations have their unique building codes, although there are general building codes for the country. For instance, cities and towns in Northern California have several unique codes that often get violated by homeowners. This is often caused by repeated works from handymen or trying to make some improvements yourself. So when it is time to sell the property, it might now seem difficult, especially if you do not have enough money to correct the violations. Some of the most common violations in building include: 

Bathroom Vents

Most sellers always look out for errors in plumbing work or tiles whenever they want to sell their homes; however, this is not what buyers look out for. When inspectors come to do their job, they often check out the vents in the bathroom, ensuring it leads to the exterior.

This is because having a properly placed bathroom vent is one of the building codes that most homeowners end up violating. Instead, they will place a bathroom fan that leads to the attic. Apart from the fact that this is a code violation, the fan will circulate humid air, which will cause fast growth of mold on the wood and fittings. This can damage the wood in no time if left unchecked.

Bedroom Windows

An increase in the number of people living in a home can cause homeowners to convert their garage or basement to a bedroom. As innovative as this might sound, it is almost certain that the room is not designed according to the building code. This is because an egress window that is large enough to allow an adult to pass through is meant to be in every room. This cannot work out in a garage or basement unless you have to do some serious cutting. Most towns and cities recommend that the dimension of the window is 20 x 24 inches. 

Electrical works

Most homes have violated building code several when it comes to electrical works, and not many people know this. Some of the most common violations include installing the wrong cover on outdoor receptacles, wiring switches into neutral wire, using the wrong circuit breaker, making an electric connection outside the junction box, and several others. While an electrician can correct some of these without cost much, some other errors require complete rewiring of the home.


The first thing that should come to everyone’s mind when this issue of code violation has been spotted is to opt for a repair. However, this can only work when you have enough money to deal with it. Sometimes, the money you will be spending to make these corrections might be too much. 

However, you might not need to spend much or even spend, especially if you need your money urgently. You can contact real estate investors, and these will buy your house as-is and then sell it at the right price. This might not get you the best deal, but when compared with the amount you will be spending, you will definitely still make some gains from it. 

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