How To Sell A Home During Covid-19

The pandemic has caused a lot of turnaround in the global market, with the unemployment rate increasing, and people are being forced to sit at home and maintain social distancing if they have to come out. During this period, considering selling your home can be a big issue, especially if you do not know how best to approach the situation.
Luckily for the real estate industry, home sales and purchase is still considered essential, hence the services of realtors are still needed. However, according to the, new listings have been down since the pandemic started and only a few houses match the taste of intending buyers. This is why most realtors and homeowners suggest the following approach if you are planning to sell your home around this period of the pandemic.


Having to sell your home by simply fixing a sign in your yard is now past tense as people now spend more time in their homes, staying glued to their mobile devices and laptops. This is where you can improvise. Several realtors are now staging their houses while using 3D approaches. 3D cameras can do the magic in helping you stage your home perfectly to intending buyers during this period.
Apart from this, you can also implement the social media strategy in selling your home. This you can do, for instance, by creating a closed group on a social media platform such as Facebook. Within this closed group, you can display different pictures and send in optimized videos of the house you want to sell to buyers. You will also entertain questions and answer everyone’s questions with picture proofs. This strategy will get you the best buyer within the shortest possible time.


Before listing your house online for sale, it will be good if you pay an inspector beforehand to check out the house and make a list of whatever might be an issue for an appraiser. This will help you to make the necessary corrections and be sincere to your intending buyers.
Washing the carpet, replacing light fixtures, trimming the greenery, painting outdoor furniture and cleaning the basement can go a long way in changing the appearance of the home. For the repairs that might be seemingly impossible to make, you can make it known to your buyers, to avoid embarrassment and pricing down your house.


Although, listings are low and available homes for sale might not be as high as the demand for it, be rest assured that the competition is still high. This implies that you need to be realistic about the price you place on the house you intend to sell. It is advisable to have an experienced realtor help you compare similar homes and come up with a fair price of your property. This will help you to sell faster than you think.


With all of these in mind, selling a house around this period should not be difficult as long as the intending seller can implement the strategies listed above.

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