How to Secure the Best Deal While Selling a House “as Is”

As is home sales often scare buyers, and this is reasonable because no one wants to buy a property only to lose out at the end of the day. As is home sales occur when the seller does not handle any repair once the buyer has agreed to buy the house, and the deal has been sealed.

As is sales does not mean that the intending buyer will not inspect the house. In fact, if you are selling your property as is, then it is advisable to include the option of inspection as this will attract buyers and agents even more. 

Also, as a seller, even if you will not be making any repair in the home once it has been sold, you need to come out clear to the seller and describe the state of the house as it is. If you fail to do this, according to most state laws, you, as the seller, will have to bear the cost of the repairs once it has been found out by the buyer.

With this in mind, you can still get the best house deal on your as is selling without losing much. All you have to do is choose from the options listed below.


Before listing your as is property, you need to find out the prices of similar houses in your neighborhood or community. There are several ways of getting to know this price. The most popular is checking out online forums. Several groups and forums online, especially on some social media channels, list prices of similar homes, and you can easily search and get an idea of how much to sell your home.

Another option you can explore is by asking a real estate agent. This is usually the most accurate as most of them often have the right prices as they must have explored several buildings available. You can also use some online calculators, although they often do not give accurate information.


Investors can be the best option for you, especially if you can find a couple of them and consider prices. You can find them online or get referrals. Online discussion is good, but it is better if you choose to meet them up in person. This way, you can discuss the house’s value and find out the estimated amount they might be willing to pay for the house. If the market is a seller’s market, you are in luck, and you can sell off your as is property immediately. However, if the present market is a buyer’s market, you might want to delay a bit before selling to make enough gain from your house.


Finding a realtor can be another good option to sell your as is house. However, this might take a longer time than expected because the realtor will also have to find a buyer. So if you need quick money, this option might not be the best; however, if you still have enough and do not mind waiting for 30-60 days, this is a perfect option. 

Considering all of the options above will give you the best deals. You do not need to lose money when selling your as is house. All you have to do is to look in the right direction and seal the deal.

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