Home Sales and Seasons

Timing is everything, and the need to sell houses at the right time often makes it difficult for intending home sellers to make their decision. While some are waiting for the winter season, others prefer selling during summer, as they believe there will be multiple interested buyers. But, is this always this case? Maybe not. Let’s find out more:

Winter Home Sales

The winter months are usually between December and February. This is the period that has recorded the lowest competition. While this might sound like a blessing, it can also be the other way round. As there are lesser interested buyers in the market, the seller might be left with no choice than to sell at a low price because of a lack of bidding wars. 

Also, snow can make your house look beautiful; but it can also cover some essential parts of the house that would enhance the house’s aesthetic appeal. For instance, the outdoor pool and stone patio might be covered with snow, preventing intending buyers from getting the best view of the property.

Also, viewing schedules can be difficult during these months because most individuals are out of town or out of state. This makes it difficult to sell, and only desperate sellers might want to sell houses at this season.

Fall Home Sales

The fall is another tricky period to sell your property; it is usually between September to November. The foliage can add a bit of attractiveness to the home, but it can also put off intending buyers as they might see it as a lot of work to clean the yard every year.

Also, buying a home is best when children are in school; hence, the fall season can be a busy time for young families as no one will want to interrupt their children’s schooling. This period is often filled with a lot of pressure as everyone wants to close their home deals before the holiday season commences.

Summer Home Sales

June to August can be quite hot, and this can discourage intending buyers to want to go house hunting. However, the summer season can be the best time to buy or sell a property. For homeowners with kids, moving from one location to another is best when your children are out of school. 

Also, since the weather during this season is predictable, buyers and sellers can leverage it, making closing deals easier. Selling a home during this season can also be quite expensive as the cost of air conditioning and summer yard maintenance can be high due to the hot weather.

Spring Home Sales

The spring months are the best time to sell a home; in fact, the first two weeks in May are usually the busiest months for closing home deals around the country. This is because of the warm weather, which encourages lush landscaping that boosts curb appeal.

The highest level of competition occurs around this period as there are several buyers in the market. This means an increased bidding war, making it a plus for intending home sellers.

It is best to understand the weather condition in your location before going ahead to seal home deals. This will help you in making the right home sales or purchase decisions.




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